Characteristics Of Critical Self Awareness

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As a family social worker who was assigned to case example #1, I would be inheriting a case from another worker who has already met with the family in question once before. The first step I would take would be to review the case notes. Upon initial review, I would notice that the family was Somalian, which is a culturally very different than my own. I would also reach out to the former case workers to gain an understanding of why the case is no longer being managed by them to understand what could’ve went better, and for tips on how I can add to their well-being. Possessing the attribute of critical self-awareness, I would then acknowledge the large degree of my own ignorance of this culture and proceed to do some research in order to educate myself, at least briefly, on the norms and customs of the culture. In this way, I would be better able to engage with the family and begin to build a therapeutic alliance. Ignorance of the culture also likely plays a big influence in my own personal biases. As a former military veteran, serving in a conflict involving a culture that was predominantly Muslim, my bias towards the fact that the family is Muslim, evidenced by their use of the Koran, is a reality. In addition to my own personal experience, I am subject to the daily influence of mainstream media which tends to report violent acts of terror, often associated with forms of radical individuals who happen to be a Somali Muslim as well. In very recent cases, some of the attackers

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