Five Parts Of The Co-Active Leadership Model

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Co-Active Leadership
Five Ways to Lead

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Co-Active Leadership Five Ways to Lead was written by Karen and Henry Kimsey – House. Karen and Henry are the coauthors of Co-Active Leadership and Co-Active Coaching and Co-CEOs of the Coaches Training Institute (CTI), a coaching and leadership development company offering various programs in more than twenty countries around the world.
Co-Active Leadership is based on 5 key concepts. From Figure 1 you can see the overlapping of different areas.

1. Co-Active Leader Within
2. Co-Active Leader Front
3. Co-Active Leader Behind
4. Co-Active
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This is because the area of Leader Within is both a unique area of leadership and is also present in all the other areas. This area is described as looking to take accountability for our world by accepting ourselves fully (“co”) and living our lives with honor in agreement with their personal values (“active”).
Self-discovery becomes both a quest and an act of service. We let go of the illusion that we need to do a lot of things, to have a lot of things, so that we can be happy and content. Instead, we are content, and from that we do things that bring us enjoyment so that we have a life that is rich with learning, self-discoveries, lasting partnerships, and most of all, love.
The Co-Leader Behind:
Leader Behind emphasize on providing whatever is needed, and through open-heartedness and passionate participation, forward the action in a way that holds everyone together. They are therefore the backbone of any
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Co-Leader Beside:
Leader Beside is a partnership between two people in which both people are responsible for every part of their project. This is very different than our usual thought process of co-leading, which usually consists of dividing up responsibilities and taking turns on the project.
Leaders Beside are committed to leaning into each other 100 percent balancing honesty and curiosity about the other person with full commitment to stand fully in one's own authority. They are people who can disagree with each other in a way that is energetic and fruitful because both are committed to something larger other than being right about their own viewpoints.
Co-Active Leader Field:
Leader in the Field is to slow down and expand our awareness so that we can access our mind's eye, our understanding and have the bravery and promise to act on what we sense in ways that are innovative and new.

Slowing down and opening our minds to new understanding comes that we just can't access from the flurry of our daily customs. We can see the big picture and realize patterns and cycles that can lead us to new perceptions.

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