Characteristics Of Christian Worldview

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Christian Worldview
Jeff Jibben

Christian worldview
A worldview is an aspect through which, any individual establishes his or her personal belief system to comprehend the everyday existence and even the entire world. People have their particular viewpoint and even beliefs to be able to understand the world. A worldview is generally recognized as the lenses in a pair of eyeglasses by which we observe the world. Our worldview can easily color our opinions or even take them into a clear focal point. Everyone has a worldview, whether they realize it or not (Waddell, 2014). Every person behaves in accordance with his/her personal faith system in everyday life. On the other hand, Christian worldview provides
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God almighty has created His very own mirror image that has the very same strengths as God almighty within this world. In accordance with the Holy bible, God almighty has created elements for people about how precisely to exist as well as maintain the world. Furthermore, God almighty possesses the following characteristics, He is definitely found in everything in a number of forms and even his presence is experienced all over the place. God almighty possesses endless powers. God almighty is the creator of the universe. God is Love. Additional characteristics of God are God’s nature of holiness, righteousness, immutability, merciful, graceful, and endless without any bounds to His power. Additionally, his endless wisdom to humans is simply because He is aware of what exactly is good or perhaps bad for individuals in the universe. Individuals who follow His good directions are his real followers. God created the universe and everything in it (Diffey, …show more content…
He emerged, such as a man or woman with a purpose to demonstrate the significance of sacrifice and even redemption. Jesus Christ created as well as explained precisely what exists in this world for the people. Without Jesus, the universe as well as Christianity would definitely not be possible. On the other hand, His personal identity is the divine light of the Christian worldview, mainly because He is actually the means of everything. Simple human everyday life is insignificant without God’s universe and even in this particular regard, His personal identity designs existence of people. Jesus Christ is the creator of all that has

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