Characteristics Of Bill Clinton

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I believe that Bill Clinton is one of the greatest presidents of our time. Clinton’s strong leadership style, viewpoints on terrorism and education as well as his involvement in foreign affairs allowed him to maneuver as president in a way that should be admired. Clinton has a strong senses of leader ship that allowed his administration to flourish. He has intellectual qualities that allow him to see how world problems can be solved. During the Clinton administration he not only handled domestic problems but also foreign problems. These qualities are just a few that portray Clinton in a good light.
Leadership Style Clinton is prime example of how a president should act, with concern not only for his agenda but also for the people
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As for Clinton, his skills at reason and logical analysis allow him to look at the world in a way to shows his true compassion for society.

This was a quote from an interview that Clinton was a part of. IF nothing else this shows how as a person he is still able to analysis the world in a human way. Suggesting that he not only was a good president, but also a caring induvial who valued the world and its people. What you often get are politicians who look out for personal interest, but Clinton was a genuine leader. He sought to make the world, and the country a better place for those who suffer from inequality. Compassion is skill that all presidential candidates should value and strive to have.
Example of Foreign Affairs All presidents need a good track record when it comes to foreign affairs. Though in today’s political climate we often see how a president responds to war and violent problems, we often forget that the presidents will use his position to aid any country that desperately needs help. It is then, that Clinton was one such
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One way in which a president shows this is through personal philosophy, a skill that is fundamental in a person’s well-being and life choices. When one is to articulate his political philosophy as did Clinton, it shows that they are intellectual and deserving in nature, that his they are natural leaders and have a strong will in what they believe.

What this shows is that Clinton was able to use his skill as leader and his albites to adapt to harsh circumstances in a way that benefited the entire country. He showed that as a present you need to apply your own philosophy as well as any that work to solve problems, the ability to gain an utilize information in an efficient way. This is just one trait that shows how amazing Clinton was at being a president.
I believe that Clinton was the best president. He has amazing leadership skills as well as genuine compassion for the masses, he understands how to lead, and applies his skills at understanding the world and what can produce befits for everyone in every country. He showed excellent foreign policy and negotiation skills as well as created a means to stimulate the US economy. These are only a few select examples of why I believe that Clinton is the best

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