Characteristics Of Being A Team Player

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On Tuesday, September 9th, the Northeast varsity volleyball team faced the West Liberty Comets. It was a big game to look forward to because West Liberty was a ranked team and extremely virtuous. I still remember the nervous feeling I had before the start of the game until the first ball was served. The score of the first match ended up being 22-25, with West Liberty taking the win. The following two matches weren’t as close as the first one and West Liberty ended up beating us in the three matches we played. Although we lost, I really looked up to the West Liberty team. There wasn’t one player that stuck out from everyone else. Each and every one of them was giving it their all every single play, and each player had several different qualities …show more content…
A team player is often known as a person who plays or works well as a member of a team or group ( People could also refer to a team player as a partner, teammate, and helper. For instance, when being apart of a volleyball team, contributions as a teammate are vital when wanting to achieve goals and succeed. By the same token, our Northeast volleyball team had played the Camanche Indians. During the matches we were struggling and the main reason we were struggling was because of the lack of teamwork and communication. Instead of picking each other up and helping others lift their spirits when we hit rough spots, we would get down and have a negative attitude. After a timeout was called, we all started playing well together and started being more positive. When we started being more positive, positive things started happening. Because of the contributions each of us brought to the team, we ended up being successful and won all three …show more content…
This means a good team player would support the people playing, even if it happened to be in a spot that they really want or think they deserve more than the person playing. The thing is, no one wants to sit on the bench. Every player would prefer to be out on the court showing their talents to everyone. But what nobody thinks about is if the individual is only getting 3 minutes of playing time per game, what are they going to do with the remainder of the minutes that they spend on the bench to help their team be successful? As untrue as it may sound, the bench players influence the outcome of the game greatly. Having a supportive bench boost the morals and spirits of the team. Great teammates are the ones that bring energy to every single game and continue to show their passion for the game, whether they are playing or not.
A team player is someone who always gives 110% effort all the time and never gives up on a game. They have drive and determination. Babe Ruth once said, “It’s hard to beat a person who never gives up.” This quote is truly demonstrates and shows that as a team player, if they are dedicated and have drive and determination every play of the game, the harder the team will be to beat. It is all about the effort given and attitude displayed, even when things go

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