Qualities Of A Firefighter

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Being a firefighter is a great job. There are many reasons that this is a great job. As a firefighter you get to help people, the opportunities you get as a firefighter, and memories you can make within this job are unreal. (As a firefighter memories and opportunities happen that are unrealistic and helping people the way firefighters do, can change one 's life.)
A generalization of a firefighter is very simple. Firefighters have to have good qualities. One quality is having communication skills. A firefighter has to be able to talk to people. They may be scared so a firefighter has to be able to calm them down. Being a firefighter takes lots of courage and bravery. The main part of a firefighter 's job is to run into a burning
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First the Structural firefighter. This is the most recognized firefighter. This is the standard for firefighters. This is the everyday firefighter and the one that is wrote about in kid books The second firefighters is the shipboard firefighter. The shipboard firefighter does what is sounds like. The shipboard firefighter deals with fires involving ships. They deal with ships that are out in the ocean. They also deal with the port that ships dock on. This firefighter is the least talked about firefighter for this job. The third firefighter is the wildfire firefighter. The wildfire firefighter is talked about but not as much as the structural firefighter. This firefighter does what it sounds like it does. This firefighter puts out fires that happen in forest. They prevent fires in the wilderness and saves habitat for many animals. The fourth firefighter is the aircraft firefighter. The aircraft firefighters are involved at an airport. These firefighters take out fires that happen on or in the plane. They also deal with controlling the fires that happen to the airport land (Ehow). Firefighters do not wear the average day clothes when they are working, they do not get in a suit and tie and run into a burning building. So firefighters uses very important and special equipment. The use special: helmet, glove. boats, pants, mask, and jacket. This equipment can handle heats that can get up to 1200 degrees fahrenheit (Callegrad). One …show more content…
Some first steps that should be taken are finding education to further education on being a firefighter. Volunteer is another good way to get into this career (Not Sure How to Become a Firefighter). A firefighter has to be 18 years old. There is a firefighter academy that firefighters go to to further their education on this job. At CPAT there are drills and exercise like: stair climbing endurance, hose drag, equipment carrying drills, ladder raising test, forcible entry, search training, rescue training, ceiling breach. Some question learned from schooling that a firefighter ask themselves: What is the building made out of. Exiting points, narrow or wide trafficking, isolated or next to another building, and main objective (How to Become a Firefighter). At most fire station a person gets hired to be a firefighter and then the fire station sends them to the academy to get the classes. The reason for this is that firefighting is such a specific skill that a person could not get it at a regular school. There is a driver test firefighters have to take in order to drive the truck and there is a pump test that show that the firefighter can run the machine (Yelnick). Firefighters need to be in shape, and 20/20 vision helps get a job. There is burn prevention and treatment classes firefighters take. There is fire ground survival training firefighters take. And also HAZ Mat, and EMT

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