Characteristics Of Becoming A Firefighter

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Being a firefighter is a great job. There are many reasons that this is a great job. As a firefighter you get to help people, the opportunities you get as a firefighter, and memories you can make within this job are unreal. (As a firefighter memories and opportunities happen that are unrealistic and helping people the way firefighters do, can change one 's life.)
A generalization of a firefighter is very simple. Firefighters have to have good qualities. One quality is having communication skills. A firefighter has to be able to talk to people. They may be scared so a firefighter has to be able to calm them down. Being a firefighter takes lots of courage and bravery. The main part of a firefighter 's job is to run into a burning
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Some first steps that should be taken are finding education to further education on being a firefighter. Volunteer is another good way to get into this career (Not Sure How to Become a Firefighter). A firefighter has to be 18 years old. There is a firefighter academy that firefighters go to to further their education on this job. At CPAT there are drills and exercise like: stair climbing endurance, hose drag, equipment carrying drills, ladder raising test, forcible entry, search training, rescue training, ceiling breach. Some question learned from schooling that a firefighter ask themselves: What is the building made out of. Exiting points, narrow or wide trafficking, isolated or next to another building, and main objective (How to Become a Firefighter). At most fire station a person gets hired to be a firefighter and then the fire station sends them to the academy to get the classes. The reason for this is that firefighting is such a specific skill that a person could not get it at a regular school. There is a driver test firefighters have to take in order to drive the truck and there is a pump test that show that the firefighter can run the machine (Yelnick). Firefighters need to be in shape, and 20/20 vision helps get a job. There is burn prevention and treatment classes firefighters take. There is fire ground survival training firefighters take. And also HAZ Mat, and EMT

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