Characteristics Of Baroque Art

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After the reformation of religious and scientific revolution, European started emphasizing science and rationality, always holding a skeptical attitude to doubt everything and challenge the authority.

The most influential German philosopher, Leibniz Voltaire, broke through the past conservative, repressive pattern of the society, highlighting individuality and freedom of speech. Baroque was breed under such convergence of conservative and freedom.

Baroque period refers to 17th century to the early 18 century. Baroque, an artistic style originated from Rome in 16th century, spread over most of the regions in Europe and become popular in 17th century. The word ‘Baroque’ is derived from the Spanish and Portuguese word ‘Barroco’
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They were filled with contrast effect. Artists tended to use grand and dramatic expressions to produce a sense of tension and conflicts. Sculpture like ‘The Ecstasy of St. Theresa’ and architecture, for instance, ‘Palace of Versailles’ are the well-known exemplars of such characteristic.

4. Illusion of Artists
Baroque Art shows passionate. It smashes clam, silence and harmony, but adds the strong sense of romanticism and depression. Artists at that time were emphasized on their rich imagination.

5. Emphasis on Motion and Changes
Motion and changes are the soul of Baroque Art. For instance, Church made use of concave and dome to make walls dramatic. Design focused on lighting effects which showed status and power. Artworks became much richer in presenting motion, power, emotion and the story behind.

6. Integration of Different Art Genres
Artistic forms were integrated to produce a piece of artwork. Take architecture as an example, artists not only put emphasis on the architecture itself merely, but also put emphasis on the integration between the architecture and carving and painting. Baroque Art absorbed some factors and imagination from, for example, literatures, drama, as well as music.

7. Religious as
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In the Baroque period, the two major characteristics of its artwork are complexity and coordination. Unlike artworks in renaissance period dominated by straight lines and calm, Baroque Art is represented by curves and passion. Artworks in Baroque are vivid, composed with rigorous setting, colours, light and dark (contrast) and dramatic expression. Development from the conservative from renaissance had eventually led to the artistic style transformation to the expression of freedom in

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