Essay on Characteristics of at-Risk Students (Aed201)

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School Program for At-Risk Students
In the United States many students face many problems or terrible conditions in their lives at home, school and in life in general. These problems and conditions can affect students tremendously when it comes to schoolwork or academic success. Many schools nationwide have set up programs or assistance to help these students succeed despite the problem or condition being faced. Not all students may encounter a problem or condition, but some encounter multiple problems. The types of problems and conditions include changing families, poverty, violence, abuse of alcohol and/or drugs, suicide, and child abuse (Axia College, 2005). These are serious problems that many students face in today’s world, which
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As soon as school ends, the students can board a free bus that transports them directly to the Phillipsburg school district youth center. The youth center contains a gym, field, classrooms, tutors, assistants, and anything else needed for the program. Students are offered tutoring services, homework help, supervised recreation, supervised educational activities, and volunteer opportunities (Wyant, 2010). This program is free of charge and is offered after school of every full day of school. Students arrive immediately after school to the youth center and are allowed to stay there until 6pm.
The Youth Center program should be viewed as an exemplary and beneficial program to all. This program is exemplary because it offers many options for students and parents as well. The latchkey students have a place to go instead of sitting at home alone waiting for a parent to arrive. The wide range of activities offered is exemplary because it attracts many different types of students to participate. Offering the program at no cost and no cost transportation is also exemplary and beneficial because these students typically come from low income families that would never be able to afford such a program elsewhere.
The benefits of the program go beyond giving the students a place to go free of charge. The academic benefit of this program is exemplary because the students have the access to tutors and homework

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