Characteristics Of Altering Personality

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Altering Personality
“To exist is to change, to change is to mature, to mature is to go on creating oneself endlessly” (Bergson). Many individuals assume that personality is something that they are born with, therefore it can never be changed. What these people have not thought about is that people can change their personality due to several factors. Three of the big five personality traits, extraversion, neuroticism, and conscientiousness can all be changed by life experiences, maturity and biological factors. Extraversion, neuroticism, and conscientiousness can be changed in a positive or negative way due to a person’s life experiences. Individuals’ past experiences can shape who they become when they get older. “Because of the
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For instance, if the parents of an extraverted girl are getting divorced; she might become less extravert and more neurotic because her life circumstance in that moment cannot give her happiness just sadness and stress. According to
Stangor, if nurture is more important than nature, our experiences may be able to alter our personalities (25). Life experiences that people go through are the key to understand why people think the way they do or why they act the way the act. “You gain your own unique behavior and knowledge from your experiences” (Payton). Life experiences can play a negative role on shaping our personality, but it can also have a positive outcome. For example, if an employee gets negative feedback from his/her boss for being irresponsible, disorganized and uncaring, the employee most likely will change his/her uncaring personality to a conscientious personality. Life experiences, whether they are good or bad, play a significant role on shaping an individual’s way of thinking and way of acting. Maturity or growing older has a positive outcome on people’s personality traits. Maturity is to accept yourself the way you are, to consider others’ needs and feelings, and to respect
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“By middle-age, people appear to become more comfortable with themselves as adults, less inclined to moodiness and negative emotions, more responsible and caring, more focused on long-term tasks and plans, and less susceptible to extreme risk-taking and the expression of unbridled internal impulses” (McAdams and Olson 714). Maturity helps people to satisfy with what they have, therefore they do not suffer for what they do not have. Bryner highlights that as identical twins get older they become less alike (24). Identical twins become less alike due to maturity. One of the twins might be more mature than the other, so personality traits start to be different on each twin. As individuals get older the more mature they become, the more mature they become, the happier they will be. Another factor that can change extraversion, neuroticism, and conscientiousness is biological factors. According to Taylor, studies show that people have taken their organ donor’s personality traits, woman’s behavior and taste in men can change due to fertility, brain surgery can trigger to mental illnesses and can make a person more physically aggressive and emotional
(Six life experiences that can change your personality). Biological factors can change

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