Characteristics Of Addiction To Social Media

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Out of the digital divide an addiction to social media is born. What does internet addiction look like? Well, think back to Jamie who had become preoccupied with her virtual community; seeking more friends, more comments on her posts and more likes on her pictures to create a euphoric feeling for herself. Jamie becomes uncomfortable when she is unable to connect to social media—Moody, restless and depressed—all signs of withdrawal. The first thing that Jamie does in the morning, once her eyes are open, is look for her smartphone and check her social media page, she goes out to lunch with her family and she sits at the restaurant checking her social media page, the last thing she does before going to bed is check his social media page again. …show more content…
Those would be characteristics of healthy narcissism. Unhealthy or pathological narcissism includes a false projected view of self, usually inflated with grandiose ideology, being preoccupied with self, viewing self as better and smarter than everyone else (Young). The pathological narcissist has very deep insecurities, and is highly reactive to criticism. The narcissist wears a mask of self importance and grandiosity (Young). Social media is the perfect platform to avoid getting close to another person and to project their mask of confidence onto the world because “[s]ome people who are narcissistically vulnerable have difficulty maintaining a cohesive sense of self because of ubiquitous shame, resulting from the conclusion that they fundamentally fall short of some internal ideal. They look for constant reinforcement from others to bolster their fragile self images “(Bender 880). A recent example of the unhealthy narcissistic traits would be President
Elect Donald Trump who presents himself as very capable and confident but is prone to outbursts if he hears the slightest criticism of himself. A recent video of Alec Baldwin doing
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Trump went on social media rant and attempted to discredit Baldwin to bolster Trump’s fragile self-image. Donald Trump could be summed up in the words of Psychology Professor Dan P. McAdams who said “It is always
Donald Trump playing Donald Trump, fighting to win, but never knowing why”

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