Characteristics Of ADHD

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ADHD Snapshot
I. Statement of Disability

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a very common childhood disorder. It can even continue through adolescence and adulthood. There are wide ride of symptoms that child may have such as trouble staying focused and paying attention. There is other symptoms such as that they might have trouble controlling their behavior. There are as many as thirty to sixty percent of people who are diagnosed with ADHD. Those with ADHD commonly develop anxiety disorders or obsessive compulsive disorder. With this disability some children will have harder time learning in school. The school system will help that child if there are in need of addition help with their education. They can receive help such as special education services (IDEA) and accommodations in the
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• Individualized achievement test.
• Creativity assessment.
• Curriculum-based assessment.
• Direct Observation.
• Visual and performing arts assessment.
• Leadership assessment.
• Case-study approach.

III. Characteristics of Disability
ADHD students generally have a lot talent that people occasionally miss. Below is the strength that they will have in childhood tough life. No child will have all this strength but all children will have some of this strength. With their strength they have a unique academic ability, they also able to give a more enjoyable classroom if the teacher knows more about their student ADHD. All students usually have one or two subjects that they are best in and passionate about. Most students that have ADHD excel in their class once given the proper help from the school. The areas are:

• Creative Thinking o Creative – writing, musical, artistic, “dramatic”. o Able to see the big picture. o Are confidences in their ideas. o Possesses a sense of humor, and are energetic. o Great coming up with ideas. o Imaginative and intelligent. o Quick thinker and quick witted. o Socially adaptive and

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