Characteristics Of A Successful Learner

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What are the traits of a successful learner?

“Learning is the eye of the mind” (French Proverb). Our world would not be as revolutionized as it is now without learning thanks to curiosity, after trying new things from curiosity this lead us to learn, Ever since we started learning we became more and more invincible, the more we learned the stronger we become as human beings. Now we live in a society where we learn essential skills that are crucial for our future, but what we don’t learn is learning how to learn. The three traits of a successful learner is grittiness, developing a growth mind-set and having good study habits.

Primarily being gritty is one of the major traits towards becoming a successful learner. To be gritty one must commit
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These obstacles may be surpassed by the awareness of how much effort is needed for being a successful undergrad, with the persistence of being frequently exposed to work this surely prepares them to fine-tune their time management skills. Learning strategies are hard to understand at first, eventually learners will come to an understanding of the major concept, and with later experience over time and tendency time management skills will develop. Emotions paly a big role on studying habits, in other words, when someone is happy and enjoys doing something he or she will definitely want to do more therefor he will achieve more. When instructing the teacher should project challenging tasks in a pleasurably entertaining way, to compromise for the easy boring tasks. When a primitive error is made by a student, this chance should be taken for granted by the teacher to educate student with different learning tactics also teach student how to deal with future situations where the initial tactic was a failure According to (Altschuler, 2000). Teaching challenging tasks should be applied as an enlightening way that helps promote enthusiasm for accomplishing such difficult tasks. Every student has their own method of learning that best suits his or hers’ personality, while studying habits should be the same for everyone, ultimately for successful learning studying habits are vital when done the right

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