Characteristics Of A Successful Information Technology Manager

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To be a successful information technology manager there are a few traits that are essential to possess to sustain prolonged success. Most of them are industry driven, such as maintaining a proficiency in technology, understanding industry trends. Another would be professional traits like understanding your company’s strategic vision, and exceling in project management. Lastly, success in business can be attributed to traits that are more interpersonal rather than technologically driven, examples such as simply being patient and a good listener.
As we learned in Jon Inge’s article, “Why Aren’t Hotels Quicker to Adopt Innovative Technology?” a primary problem plaguing the industry is simply there aren’t many of these tech-savvy hoteliers (Inge,
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61). Therefore, a robust training program can indeed help maintain success as an informational technology manager. Just as important as continuous training is staying educated on industry trends. A savvy manage will finds ways to use technology to save the company money, secure data, and improve process efficiencies (Woods, 2012). Too often, what is current and hip in the information technology sphere may not always equate as a wise investment into your business. However, having the knowledge and understanding necessary to provide proof for the value of a particular piece of technology, will increase the odds of getting approval for ideas and capital …show more content…
As Lisa Woods, president and CEO of, suggests: consider taking a class in project management, or getting certified as a project management professional (PMP), it will set you apart as a professional and give you the tools needed to do a better job (2012). There are various information technology tasks that require strong project management skills, for example complex responsibilities like implementing new enterprise resource planning and launching an e-commerce system, to very detail oriented maneuvers such as migrating to a new operating system or upgrading the property’s servers. All these require the information technology manager to be very dutiful in project

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