Characteristics Of A Servant Leader Essay

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The Characteristics of a Servant Leader

Servant leadership is a fundamental skill that is of great importance in today’s health care system. Health care workers who follow leadership that promotes teamwork are provided with the opportunity to effectively conquer challenges during stressful situations. In order for an individual to posses the skills essential to carrying out servant leadership, they must first have authority over the people they are leading. It is a complex task to gain authority; I believe that an important way to obtain authority is to show love to others. The book, The Servant (1998) by James C. Hunter, describes love not as a feeling, but rather as a behavior or action towards people. As a leader, one might have good intentions, but without following through with the intended action, the leader loses their authority. The act of love requires having good intentions followed by acting out those intentions. I believe the three most important characteristics of love and servant leadership, which are discussed within this paper, are to be trustworthy, respectful and appreciative.
Fundamental Characteristics of a Servant Leader According to The Servant (1998), trust is an important part of building meaningful relationships and imperative to establishing effective leadership. A leader gains authority by upholding their promises and this especially important for nurses to understand because patients entrust us with their health, lives, loved ones and money.…

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