Essay On Evidence Based Practice In Nursing

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As you observed the professional/registered nurse’s role in this setting, what evidence of a professional level of nursing practice? When I think of characteristics of a professional nurse I think of compassion, patience, good communication skills, critical thinking skills, and organization. While I observed my nurse I noticed that she applied many of these characteristics throughout the day.
As we began our day by checking in on each patient my nurse informed me that she likes to start with the patients that typically acquire the most pain early on. She explained that it is important to get an assessment finished and be able to get these patients’ their medications right away to make them as comfortable as possible throughout the rest of
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I dealt with a patient that was recovering from a hip replacement, and skin breakdown was a definite concern. According to Sullivan, between 1995 and 2008 the incidence of hospital acquired skin breakdowns increased by as much as 80% (2011). The patient we were dealing with was undernourished and very skinny, he didn’t show much concern about his state of health. By using evidence-based practice we implemented ways to reduce this man’s chances of acquiring skin breakdown. We used pillows to keep the bony prominences on his body from breakdown. We made sure to check his heals, ankles, knees, hips, tailbone area, elbows, back of head, shoulders, etc. multiple times a day. When therapy came to help was this man up we made sure they used a soft sponge or cloth and to not scrub hard. We also made sure our patient kept well hydrated. These are both great example of evidence based practice. I believe that with using the current best evidence in making decisions our patient’s will have better outcomes!
Describe a clinical situation in this setting that posed a communication challenge. This can be between client/nurse, nurse/nurse, nurse/physician, nurse/nurse anesthetist, nurse/ respiratory therapist, nurse/nursing assistant, etc. What was difficult? How was it handled? What were some effective communication techniques that were used or could have been

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