Essay on Characteristics Of A Person 's Writing

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Over the years, many people have been taught that synonyms have always meant that they were the same, which can be true in some cases, but that is not always correct. Many words that can be used interchangeably can also have slight differences that can cause others to wonder what the actual meaning of the word that is being portrayed in a person’s writing is. When thinking of the words “gorgeous” and “beautiful,” one generally uses them to describe something or someone of profound looks or elegance, which is why these two words are often known as synonyms of one another. However, when one truly wants to describe someone for example, they should really understand the true difference between the two. When a person is considered beautiful, they are often seen for both their inner and outer beauty and character, whereas someone that is simply gorgeous is only based off of their appearance, especially from the type of clothing they are wearing. By taking a closer look at the definition and other examples, one can soon start to realize the actual difference between the two. When men typically describe a woman, they generally use the words “beautiful” and “gorgeous.” However, they probably do not actually know the difference between the two. Yes, women, enjoy being called these two things, but they would appreciate them more if they knew that men knew what they were actually talking about. Men typically do not take in consideration the inner beauty of a girl that they first…

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