Characteristics Of A Person 's Personality Traits Essay

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No matter where you go there are always personality traits that will categorize you as a dog or a cat person. Even if a person lives with neither, everyone has a preference on which they prefer. Studies have shown that a person’s personality traits have an effect on whether a person prefers a cat, a dog, or neither. Certain personality traits can effect a person’s preferences on anything and is not limited to being a dog or a cat person. Whether a person prefers dogs or cats can tell others a little bit about the kind of person they are. The social cognitive perspective tends to focus on the processes involved in people’s choices of which social events to pay attention to, which interpretations to make of these events, and how to store these experiences in memory. There is an emphasis on personal subjective experience of the environment and is also involved with automatic processing. The difference in a person’s personality traits based on whether they prefer cats or dogs is a part of this perspective because it is the person’s choice to like cats or to like dogs which involves the cognitive choices people make. A person’s environment could have an effect of their personality traits and therefore have an effect on whether they like cats or dogs. Based on this perspective one can hypothesize that a person doesn’t choose to prefer a cat over a dog, but it is a cognitive choice that is not thought about. A man named Sam Gosling who is a psychologist at the University of Texas…

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