Characteristics Of A Leader Or Manager Essay

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Distinguishing yourself as a leader or manager or maybe both really defines who you are in respect to what you are. While speaking with Eric I couldn’t help but quote a famous Chinese philosopher if you will, Confucius who said, I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.” (Confucius) Leadership and management both share the ability of one to blend to different learning styles but adapting various leadership styles. Eric also noted that it’s necessary to hold yourself and your team accountable, he identifies a two step approach if you would that allows him to be on the same page with his employees and their level of accountability. He first makes sure to frontload his expectations, and follows that with direct feedback. A word to the wise would be to anticipate what your manager would ask you when completing a task, look, find and ask yourself how did you miss it and then how do you fix it.
In the healthcare world you find those who are heavily opinionated, those straddling the fence and those who are seen but not heard. I wanted to get Eric’s point of view on the healthcare management and if there were something he would change what that would be. I think that it’s important to identity what it is that draws you to health care; commonly this would be something that you would change if given the chance. Eric pointed out how heavily regulated health care is and how if given the change he would focus on deregulating certain services. More importantly he…

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