Characteristics Of A Good Friend Essay examples

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Friendship is such a strong bond of relationship without which a person’s life is an execration. It is not hard for me to believe a person without a relative but it is hard for me to even imagine of a person without any good friend. A good friend fill up the vacuum which no family members can. No matter how close bond a person share with the family, there is always a limit beyond which a person cannot express their thoughts or confess about their problems to family members. A good friend remains unaffected by these limits and a person can pour their heart out in front of them. A friend plays a very poignant role in a person’s life. There are many characteristics of a good friend. One of those characteristic is loyalty. A person can never be considered a good friend if he or she is not loyal. That is the reason why a dog is considered to be man’s best friend. A good friend is someone who will remain loyal and stick with us even during bad phase of our life. When a person is strike on by adversity, disappointment surrounds from all directions and darkness engulf a person’s happy life then only a good friend comes as a ray of hope to illuminate a person’s life and rescue them from being drown in the calamity. For example, during bad times, failure in exams, rejection in job, family problems, break-up; a good friend support us morally, physically and financially and help us to relive again. Trust is element…

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