Characteristics Of A Fennec Fox

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Register to read the introduction… A Fennec fox's fur color is a cream color to blend in with the sand to hide from predators. Their fur is long and thick which helps insulate them during cold nights and protects them from hot sun during the day. The Fennec has huge ears that help it stay cool in the Sahara. Even the bottoms of their feet are covered with fur to protect their feet from the hot sand. The heat escapes quickly from large, flat surfaces and cools the fox's whole body. A Fennec fox can escape the heat by digging shallow burrows in the sand. Their diet is very different from other animals because of its …show more content…
Fennec foxes gain enough moisture from the food that they eat such as insects, rodents, plants, fruits, small reptiles, and eggs. Because it eats these things, makes it an omnivore, which means it eats plants and animals. It is also a heterotroph, as all mammals are, which means they can’t make their own food. They digest the food with their digestive system. The digestive system of the Fennec fox works the same way as any other canine, just on a smaller scale. Due to their smaller mouths, foxes have a diet of meal worms, crickets, silkworms, or any type of insect a day. They also eat eggs and rob nests at opportune moments, and prey on mice or any source of fresh raw meet. Their diet differs from their canine relatives, eating varieties more similar to a cat's: high in taurine and protein. A Fennec fox moves like most other animals.
These foxes are vertebrates which mean they have a backbone. Its backbone is made up of many stacked up bones called, vertebrae. They move like any other mammal on land. A Fennec fox moves with four legs. They have strong muscles, or tissues that relax to create movement, so they can dig and run quickly. They use their legs, made of organs, to dig run and move place to place. They need to dig to make shallow barrels for them to cool off in. They need to run so they can get away from predators. A Fennec fox has many predators in the
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Their sexual maturity is reached at around nine months old. When they reach that age, their natural instinct is to mate. Before they mate they mark their territory with urine. In the wild these foxes usually mate around January and February for the kits, or baby Fennec foxes, to be born around March and April. In captivity most kits are born later. A female Fennec fox is able to breed twice a year, but normally only breeds once a year. The females give birth to about three to four kits. After mating the male’s behavior changes and he becomes very aggressive and protective over the female, providing her with food during her pregnancy. When born, the kits ears are folded over and its eyes are closed. The eyes open after ten days followed by the ears. A Fennec fox lives up to around ten years in the wild, usually

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