Characteristics Of A Family System Essay

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A family system consists of more than one person, they form the most close and personal of groups. Every family has guidelines in place that govern its function and there are behaviors with this informal group which makes them distinguishable from other groups. Every family member plays a critical role in the system. As such, it is not possible that one member of the system can change without causing a ripple effect of change throughout the family system Traditionally, there are social roles that the family members adopt which would be known to everyone within that particular group. However, because of the diversity of the present day family structure the roles within the family are changing; there are now an increase single parent families, grandparents raising grandchildren, step families that combine two family units and many other combinations of family. Still the fact remains that there is a power hierarchy within every household.
All families communicate in a unique way. There are four types of communication patterns. These are Consensual, Pluralistic, Protective and laissez-Faire. Families with a consensual type of communication value open conversation. In these families, parents usually spend a lot of time explaining their decisions. Their children learn to value conversation and often adopt the family value system. Families of this nature try to avoid conflict.
Pluralistic families are oriented toward conversation. Decisions are made as a family, with everyone…

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