Characteristics Of A Engineer Team Essay

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Teamwork, one of the most important aspects of engineering, can often times be a struggle, due to contrasting ideas. When these personalities are feuding, progress is minimal, however, when each team member utilizes his or her personal traits to form a dependable, single unit, then a team’s performance will be far greater than that of what any individual can do. In my engineering team, great potential exist in each distinct skillset and every style of interaction has its pros and cons. Therefore, it is inevitable that conflict will arise, but it is ever important that when conflicts occur, they are treated in a manner that solves the problem and prevents the loss of precious collaboration time. Our group, known as The Slackers, consists of James McConnell, Joe Lopez, Carlos Salazar, Kevin Huynh, and me. Starting with James, he is of the social type that is people oriented and tell assertive: the expressives. His personality is very motivated and excited, as he encourages good ideas that are viable. Joe is of the analytical type and his thinking process confirms so. In our brainstorming process, he was able to imagine the assembly in his head while the rest of us--well at least for me--needed the design to be drawn out. Next is Carlos, who is the driver of the group. Although quiet for the first few minutes, he was able to take control and direct the brainstorming process of the billboard into the formation of our final design. Following up is Kevin, who is very quiet and…

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