Characteristics Of A Dystopian Society In Fahrenheit 451

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A dystopian society is an imaginary society that dehumanizes men and women as well as having an authority with cruel societal discipline. Through the destruction of history, government 's are able to dominate large populations of people and influence them to act a certain way. The public is controlled through the creation of distress within the lives of its people. The defilement of domination is kept up through forced reality on the populace. The acknowledgment of pernicious aims prompts resistance to standards and constructs. In 'Anthem ' by Ayn Rand and the movie 'Fahrenheit 451 ' directed by Francois Truffaut, the authors convey the characteristics of a dystopian society through emphasizing the use of fear for control, power corruption, and rebellion. By articulating the importance of unique …show more content…
The manipulation of people and development of brotherhood has resulted in the people of society to talk using 'we ' and 'us ' when referring to themselves. There is no used of the word 'I ', until Equality 7-2521 rebels against the Council and leaves his hometown to explore the world for knowledge. Furthermore, in both Anthem and Fahrenheit 451, the society shuns individualism. However, both main characters, Equality 7-2521 and Guy Montag, stand out among their people and follow their path to individuation. In Fahrenheit 451, all over the news and televisions, the government promotes the burning of books and reporters announce the amount of books burned daily. As well, when one does not obey the law and escapes, the government will find someone to place in replacement, and punishes them on live TV, in order to keep that terror within its people. Montag is told, "The show must go on. They 'll find somebody. Anybody will do to provide them with their climax." (Truffaut, 1966) By destroying knowledge, the government creates an unintelligent population in order to retain power. The

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