Characteristics Of 3G Bowling Shoes

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Why is 3G bowling shoes are good option for bowling shoes?
3G bowling shoes are one kind of shoes those are the most stylish and comfortable. These types of bowling shoes are available along with some best features. The 3G bowling shoes line is also known as the Kangaroo series of shoes manufactured by various brands. If you wish to determine how to choose 3G bowling shoes and Where to buy just read this guidance about bowling shoes.
First of all you need to know how a bowling shoe affects your performance. Another question may appear in your mind that- What is a 3G bowling shoe?
Well, 3G is brand and this type shoes are being used in bowling as it is very comfortable, strong, lightweight, interchangeable and customizable which help a bowler
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ABS is one of the brands which manufacture 3G shoes under different models. One of is "3G Men's Sport Ultra “which comes in black, wine colors or metallic blue colors. This 3G bowling shoe is available for both left and right handed bowlers. It has some amazing features like hand tooled leather, a rubber toe cap with traction sole, three interchangeable soles, and vented inner soles. Another popular model is "3G Shuffler” which is also available both for left and right hander, comes in silver and black colors. It has also hand tooled leather, a rubber low traction push-off sole, a replaceable rubber toe cap, and three interchangeable heels and …show more content…
The Tour Ultra series bowling shoes are normally made of kangaroo leather which is very stronger, more flexible than other common leathers. With its interchangeable soles and heels you can easily customize your bowling shoe to as per your need.
You will find 3G Men's Tour Ultra in black and silver colors featuring leather uppers, rubber traction sole and toe cap, three interchangeable soles, one cleat sole, three interchangeable heels, and 21 heel cleats. Plus, you will get some useful accessories- a shoe horn, a carry all, a slide sole cover, form keepers, and a cleat pick and are a wonderful value at the price point.
The above 3G models are little bit costly. If you want to buy little bit less costly of the same brand, the better option is "3G Men's Sport Classic" model which are also available in two classic colors- black and gray. Another is "3G Sport Deluxe" model and both models comes with great bargains and have some great feature like black synthetic leather, rubber toe caps and traction soles, vented inner soles, and synthetic leather interchangeable

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