Characteristics And Symbolism Of Anthurium

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Symbolizes: Hospitality
The name anthurium came from a Greek word that means “tail flower.” The unique shape of this flower led it to be known in other names such as Flamingo Flower, Boy Flower, Painted Tongue and Painters palettes. Some also believe that this flower bring good luck and ward against evil.

Symbolizes: Patience, Elegence, Wisdom
Aster’s name originated from the ancient greek word “Aster” which means star. This flower was often used to create wreaths as tribute for the ancient Greek gods. Legend also has it that aster brings luck. Asters are also the birth flower of the month of September.

Calla Lilly
Symbolizes: Beauty, Innocence
Calla lily has long been associated with the Virgin Mary. It’s most common meanings
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Like the Calla Lily, daisies were also associated with the Virgin Mary and also Christ the child. Norse mythology associates this flower with the goddess Freya as a symbol for love, sensuality and fertility. During the Victorian period, daisies were also once considered as Queen Victoria’s favorite flowers.

Symbolizes: Innocence, Purity (White), you are my sunshine (orange)
Belonging to the daisy family, the meaning of gerbera flowers are closely interrelated to the meanings and symbolisms such as innocence and purity shared by the daisy family. But due to its colors, gerbera can also signify cheerfulness

Symbolizes: Sincerity, Strength of Character
The name gladioli stems from the Latin word “gladius” which means sword. The flower’s sword like appearance led the gladioli to be also called the sword lily. This flower is also the birth flower of August. Because of their shape, these flowers are also said to represent strength of character.

Symbolizes: Great Returns
Heliconia’s name originated from the Greek word “helikonios”. This plant is also recognized by other names such as lobster claws, wild plantains, and even an imposter bird of paradise. This flower is widely used in several arrangements due to their bright colors.

Jasmine (Sampaguita)

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