Characteristics And Differences: The Evolution Of Millennials

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The evolution of Millennials
Generation Y, is the generation of the XXI century, also referred to as Millennial generation. It is a subsequent generation to generation X, born after the Western Post–World War II baby boom. This generation includes everyone born between the 80 's, 90 's, decade until the beginning of 2000. This generation, grew up in an era of rapid change and technological advances. They witnessed the rise of the Internet, the end of the cold war, the development of computers, video games, and things that are now used on a regular basis. Furthermore, the characteristics of millennial vary by region, gender, ethnicity, and socio-economic conditions; however, they are generally characterized by widespread use of social networks
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While each generation is led by a group of people who share a number of common characteristics and objectives according to the socio cultural and political context. There are also patterns that divide generations, and they include race, gender, cultural diversity, fashion trends, and religion, as they play a unique role in shaping each individual. Regardless of certain differences, generation Y is generally seen as individualistic entrepreneurs where the majority opts for self-sufficiency and independency. Therefore, individualism allows them to confront critical situations appropriately by taking the necessary steps given the circumstances. People from generation Y act and behave according to their own criteria and ideas, and not necessarily according to the community they belong. Nevertheless, an individualist is no longer understood as a free person but as a person, whose interests are priorities over the social collective. This attitude is clearly widespread, especially in societies that give certain importance to the capitalist system as well as in societies where the selfishness and egocentricity …show more content…
Generation Y opts for support of equal rights, and expects respect regardless of age, sexual orientation or gender. The women of this generation relate themselves to men, and therefore, they expect to be treated fairly in all aspects; they are confident and believe that they can perfectly perform any work regardless of gender or physical condition. Similarly, men no longer act as sexist as before. They understand that they live in a modern world where women can be self-reliant and achieve everything on their own. Moreover, this generation of youth, is more willing to build friendly relationships with homosexuals, and disabled effortlessly. Generation Y believes that such prejudices should no longer remain in force. They are more supportive towards peers and acceptors of the situations that arise daily. This is possible as they are connected with the world and open to new

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