Eartheater Skall Research Paper

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{{Info fauna
|officialname = Eartheater Skall
|nicknames = Settlement Mauler
|classification = Annelid
|habitat = Ellador
|domesticated = No.
|status = Rare.

A Dwarven settlement sprawling from mountain peak to horizon crumpling to debree, lay ruin by an Eartheater Skall who caverned chambers that inflicted a cave in. The Eartheater Skall is a critter native to Ellador, with white, matted fur and tissue dense enough to endure the ragged drag of the underearth it resides in. Found in conjunction with the Dakkar, who treated Skalls like mundane pest such as mice, by the dwarves--the Eartheater Skall turned out to be more than a household nuisance. The dwarves of Ellador took arms against the Skall, but stumbled upon the realization axes
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The mock face of an Eartheater Skall is dotted with hollow orifices lacking the should be eyes and nasal cavity. These orifices serve the purpose of sensory devices, capable of detecting the repugnant scent of a decaying corpse, and burrowing and navigating subterranean edifices they have created.

The Eartheater Skall makes use of its sturdy jaw--able to mash bone down to the marrow and crumble supple plots of stoney earth--to channel their grandiose tunnelways by devouring stone with their gummy jaws and later void of it. The stone does not run through the digestive tract of the Eartheater Skall, rather, it has a unique original system that mills the stone with corrosive acids, reducing it to a gelatinous yellow bile left as residual footsteps for the Skall.

Another component to the Eartheater Skall aptness for subterranean life--that leaves it unscathed even with its steady tunneling of treacherous ground--is its hide-like skin, resilient enough to reduce an otherwise fatal collision with a chunks of jutted out stone into nothing more than a glancing blow. This hide like skin has made hunting an Eartheater Skall incredulously difficult, with it being immune to most sword
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At its peak, Eartheater Skalls can reach lengths of ten feet, however, only females can reach such extremes. Most fully developed males range from five to seven feet, which is why to the inept eye they may be mistaken as being fresh from the cocoon or a runt. Moreover, the hide of the female Skall is choicest than their male counterparts, valued by collectors and leather workers owing to its dense yet malleable give. For that reason and the hassle involved in slaying an Eartheater Skall, the material is considered a luxury only ascertainable by nobility or to those

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