Gastrocnemius Case Study

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Definition :
Gastrocnemius strain is injury to muscle. Also known as Tennis leg. The strains are injuries affect tendons ,muscles and thick band that attach muscle to bones. (Dixon,2009)
The grades of strains:
Characteristics Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 3
Muscle or tendon damage Few fibers torn Less half fibers torn Rupture
Swelling Mild Moderate-severe Moderate-severe
Muscle spasm Mild Moderate-severe Moderate-severe
Range of motion decrease Decreased Decreased Increased or decreased from swelling
Pain with passive motion Yes Yes No
Muscle weakness Mild Moderate-severe Moderate-severe
Pain with resistive motion Mild Moderate-severe None- mild (Michael Higgins,2011)

Pathophysiology :
The gastrocnemius
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Figure 3

(George & Ramlan, 2004)
Diagnosis To rule out
Deep vein Thrombosis • Run for blood test
• Venography
• Undergoes CT or MRI scans
(Kane, Balint, Gibney, Bresnihan, & Sturrock, 2004)

Cellulitis • Undergoes blood test
• Wound culture
Achilles Tendon rupture • Thompson Test
Position: pt. prone on plinth with heels placed over edge of plinth.

Action : gastrocnemius-soleus relax,examiner squeezes the belly.

Positive finding: when squeezing calf muscle.
• -The foot does not plantar flex. (Konin,
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