Analysis Of The Young Elite By Marie Lu

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Within passing time, an illness swept through a nation, not a simple, easily curable illness, but a blood fever, deadly and discriminated upon. Survivors were rare, and most times, had been thought lowly of, with the possibility of their loved ones turning against them. After going through the challenges, those remaining were left with unusual markings on their bodies, making it known of the events that they went through. Among those who got through the blood fever, there was Adelina Amouteru, with something that made her unique. She and a few others contain peculiar powers, with abilities that could make others shudder in fear. As Adelina discovers the true energy that she holds, she meets others like her, others that could make those around …show more content…
The storyline got me immersed within the book, with vivid detail to make it seem as though I was experiencing the adventures and encounters with the characters. I really enjoyed the aspect of a story from a different point of view, not of a hero who wins battles, but of a broken, selfish, twisted main character. It displays the message that everyone has a story to tell, and that there is always meaning behind actions. Throughout the story, Adelina makes several bad choices, but everyone makes mistakes and has their flaws. With the regret piling up in her mind, Adelina learns that hiding from her mistakes only makes it worse, and that she needs to be honest, admitting to the faults that she made. The Young Elites was captivating in it’s own way, with the twists that surprise the readers once revealed. Still yet, there were some areas that I disliked. As the story progressed, Adelina continued to have dark thoughts that clouded over her positive moments. When Adelina actually manages to make one of her dark fantasies come to life, she regrets her actions, flipping her entire deep, dark rooted emotions around. At first, I thought that she would learn from her mistakes, but then it reoccurs in a cycle. With the dark thoughts replaying in her mind, and after watching it before her eyes, she is immediately filled with regret. It’s understandable in the beginning until she continues to think grimly and repeatedly feels guilty for preventable

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