Character Traits of Soldiers Essay

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Character Traits of Soldiers
Though a whole list can be made of all of the physical traits that make up a strong soldier, the list of mental traits is perhaps more important. Three of the key traits that comprise a soldier: bravery, determination, and selflessness. These qualities are vital during wartime since soldiers need to be not only physically strong but also mentally strong. Mental strength is how soldiers get through wars. It is essential for soldiers to put all of their personal troubles aside in order for them to put everything they have into their mission to get their job done.
True acts of bravery are shown by soldiers every day, but one example of a courageous soldier is Tibor Rubin in “Feats of Valor”. After surviving the
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Above all, selflessness may be the most important character trait. Soldiers need to be able to put their home life and personal issues aside to complete their mission and fight for the cause. Lieutenant Jimmy Cross, in “The Things They Carried”, was unable to separate his home life from his career as a soldier. Rather than focusing on his mission, he was only concerned with a woman named Martha back home. After one of Cross’s troop

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