Character Traits Of Othello By William Shakespeare Essay

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Have you ever wondered what the main reason behind someone’s negative attitude or downfall in their life is? Everyone has their own way to handle their lives and sometimes that way makes you successful or causes your downfall. In the play Othello by William Shakespeare, our hero, named Othello, meets his demise due to his personality. Some of Othello’s character traits were the main reason behind his death. The antagonist of the story, Iago, focuses on three character traits of Othello in order to get his revenge. Imago’s reason for revenge was that Othello had made a man named Cassio his lieutenant. What angered Iago the most is that Othello made Cassio the lieutenant of the military even though Cassio had no knowledge of military or prior experience. The result of Iago corrupting and exploiting those traits causes the death of three people in the end. The three characteristics that help lead to Othello’s downfall are; he is too loyal and trusting for his own good, he is insecure about his relationship with his wife, and he is easily angered.
From the beginning of the play our Villain, Iago, has been taking advantage of Hero Othello’s trust and loyalty in order to ruin Othello. Othello wholeheartedly trusts Iago because of the relationship that they have. Othello is a general of the Venetian army and Iago is soldier under his command. When fighting in a war, a general has to trust his soldiers to win the battle and protect him. In Othello’s eyes, Iago is one of his…

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