Essay on Character Sketch Of Rabi Through All Joys And Sorrows

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Character’s sketch: Rabia: Through All Joys and Sorrows ( A Novel)
1. Rabia: A very beautiful girl, aged, 18, very smart and sharp, but born in a poor family. Her father is unable to bring a good life match for her. She is very ambitious and dreamy and wants to lead a prosperous and happy married life of her own choice. She has a rebellious instinct and has guts and strength to raise her voice if it goes against her will and desire. She is quite daring and knows well how to realize her goal. And her rebellion in her first marriage luckily proves successful as she finally marries second time to an engineer who is working in the Gulf.
2. Abdul Khabeer, aged 26, Rabia’s first husband, a cleric by profession. He is very humble, submissive, week in his resolve and grit power. He marries Rabia with all his ambitions of his life, but when she leaves him citing the reason that he is not compatible to him in marriage, it leaves a devastating impact on him and finally ends his life by doing suicide. His suicide ends also the scope of reconciliation with his wife, Rabia, forever.
3. Ayesha Begam, Abdul Khabeer’s mother, a widow, but quite loving and caring in nature. She loves Rabia as her own daughter. But her love towards her daughter-in-law doesn’t help in changing the mind and heart of Rabia who doesn’t finds her son, Khabir in any way an ideal husband. She needs more than what Abdul Khabeer has to offer her and that is good look and a smart figure which he lacks.
4. Adul Wadood:…

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