Summary Of The Story Trydua By Lollagea

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Trydua, a Lolagetin female with blond hair light blue eyes, in Meteren,Lolagea. Trydua is an emotional lady that is short and chubby. She is made fun of because she has an emotional problem but she she still likes the school she goes to. Her school’s name is Fairfall located on an island. The school looks very old school, but overall the school has an excellent reputation, which is starting to change thanks to a new teacher which is Trydua’s teacher this year.
Trydua was ready to go to school. She wanted to finally use her wand and learn how to make potions. Although she was scared that she would easily breakdown if something sad happens in class. She still wants to learn many things. When she walks into school first thing that happens is that
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Trydua said that the leader of the popular girls should go first. She said that her name is Vaque and that she is sorry for what she has done. Vimofrua said that it is all okay. Vaque said that the popular girls saw her ounce wearing her cousins fancy clothes so they accepted her into the group because they thought that she was rich, fancy, ect, so she started to steal clothes clothes from her cousin just so she can stay in the group. Vimofrua asked that why she isn’t with them anymore. Vaque said that she told them that they are a horrible group and that she didn’t want to be with them anymore because just by hanging out with them she made someone that could harm people when she could make that person feel more confident. The girls started making fun of her. Trydua was surprised on how her enemy gave stuff up just to become a better person. Vimofrua asked that why Trydua got mad when she saw her and Vaque talking. Trydua said that she couldn’t believe that she lied to her just so she could be with someone else. Vimofrua said that she would never do that to her that their friend also shouldn’t be split up all because of a lie and Trydua agreed. Vaque said that her mom is a psychologist and that Trydua’s problem should be fixed immediately before someone else gets hurt but that it would take weeks before someone she could feel better. Trydua said …show more content…
Trydua asked the principle that if she could come back. The principal said no because what she has done was dangerous that it could have killed someone even though students only got injured. Trydua said that she knows what she has done but it was an accident all because of a sickness she had ever since a baby and that know she is cured thanks to the help of Vaque’s mom for helping her get better. The principal said that first they should have a meeting with the teachers and parents if it is okay for her to come but until then she is not allowed to be in the campus. Days later the school give a letter that Trydua is welcome back to school. Trydua was really happy to hear that and that she gets to see her best friend again. When she got to school she ran to Vimofrua and Vaque. Trydua ws so glad to see them again but first she asked that she would like to ask Vaque to be her new friend. Vaque accepted the friend request. Vimofrua said that when school was back on she already asked. Trydua was wondering where the popular girls were and if they were going to make fun of Vaque and her. Vaque said no because their parents didn’t want you here and when they heard that you were coming back each girl went their own way to a different school. The girls were happy. Trydua’s life has changed Vaque life has changed. Vimofrua is friends with Vaque again.

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