Character Of Work Essay

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The Character of Work
The simple definition of work as provided by Meriam-Webster is “a job or activity that you do regularly, especially in order to earn money” (Work, n.d.). While, this is a simple definition of work, I believe it is not the type of work that defines a person but their work character which defines them. To understand the importance of what one does to earn a living, and whether or not work defines them, one should explore these ideas through the works of Dorothy Sayers, Margaret Piercy, and Annie Dillard to come to their own conclusion. In this paper, I explore the above mentioned authors’ ideas and explain the importance of earning a living while being satisfied with work, how I perceive the character of work, and the importance
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I do not agree with her idea we live in order to work. My belief is in a person’s work character. Upholding my work character is what gives my life significance; not necessarily the work itself. This character is displayed through my work habits and beliefs. Some of the desirable work character includes loyalty, strong work ethic, conscientiousness, self-starter, integrity, and a willingness to learn. My belief is when you accept the responsibility of a job; then, you must approach your work with a strong work character and, then and only then will all tasks be completed to the best of one’s ability. To devalue one’s own work with statements that I have heard in the workplace, such as “it is good enough for government work” or “they do not pay me enough for the level of work requested” is to work for the money. In a perfect world, everyone would find their calling, and then, their work would fulfil them throughout their life. Nevertheless, countless people struggle to find their place. I am one of these people. For me, first and foremost, I need to be of use and the work needs to be worthy of my skills; along with a management who values my work and recognizes my worth to the …show more content…
If you live to work, I believe people miss out on what is meaningful in life. I have never heard anyone say when they are closer to death that they wished they worked longer hours or had more time for work. Over the years of attending military retirements people take about their successes and regrets. Almost every person upon retirement discusses missing family events and not being there for their family and friends. I think my military life heightened my awareness of what is really important in life is the amount of time spent with friends and family as compared to the amount of time spent at work. As relayed by Bronnie Ware (2012), author and songwriter, in her blog the “Top 5 Regrets of the Dying,” the number two regret, especially for men, is “I wish I didn’t work so hard” (para. 3). When you live to work you miss out on forming and enjoying deep relationships with family and friends. Without meaningful relationships in my life, I cannot do my best work. To clarify, all aspects of life are intertwined and meaningful to each other, therefore, to live a happy, fulfilling life the other areas of life must be satisfying as well. Even though I believe the intertwining aspects of live should be straight forward it is not that

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