Character Of A Good Person By Kang Daniel

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✿ | PERSONALITY : daniel is a genuinely great guy. friendly, confident, and fun. he gives off a 'guy next door' vibe, the type of person who could easily be your best friend. he is always happy and smiling and is optimistic and enthusiastic. he has this very kind aura around him and is honest and humble. he knows how to make anyone smile, he's just very refreshing? he makes a great friend and is liked by everyone who happens to cross his path. fun loving, independent and exciting, he is determined to live life to the fullest making him physical and athletic. because of his amazing personality and hot beach body he attracts MANY MANY girls.
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it was her lunch break and she usually goes and gets food and walks the beach with jaehwan but he was with his love interest he couldnt go with her. she was a bit jealous but decided to go by herself anyway. but as soon as she walked in the water she saw something swim over to her and all of a sudden she felt a sharp stingy pain run through her whole foot. she fell in the water getting her clothes wet. great. she hoped no one saw and thought no one did until she felt a pair of strong arms pick her up. she was furious. now everyones really gonna know and its going to be embarrasing being seen with her clothes all wet. she started yelling things at him like "put me down! who are you? how dare you!" the mysterious guy treated her after apologizing a million times and being so sweet. and even though she was very grateful for him and thought he was super cute she said "i didnt need your help." and limped away awkwardly as she heard him laugh behind her.

HIS FIRST IMPRESSION | he thought she was interesting. when he picked her up she started screaming at him and he was very confused yet amused. he treated her as she refused but knew that she in pain by the face she was making depite her words. after treating her he apologized if he scared her he was just worried. she had this expression on her face, like she was genuienly touched but then she got up and limped away as he laughed. wow. she really is something else. thats when he realized she left her apron and shoes at the beach. i guess thats anoother excuse to go see

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