Character Development In A Doll´s House And A Doll's House

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Wayne Dyer once said “Be miserable. Or motivate yourself. Whatever has to be done, it’s always your choice.” If people aren’t happy with their lives it is their responsibility to change it. People can’t just live their life without happiness, they need to make a choice to create a wonderful life for themselves. Similarly , in the play “ A Doll’s House “ the author Henrik Ibsen utilizes character development to suggest the idea that if a person choses to lie about who they truly are, It will ruin what they have.
In the novel ‘’ A Doll’s House” Nora shows us how much a choice can change someone’s life. When Nora is first introduced we learn that she acts like a doll to her husband. The scene where Nora and Torvald talk about buying and spending
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Christine is a tough, wise woman that been through a lot in life. When Christine was a little she had to sacrifice love to support her sick mother and her brothers. In order to separate herself from Krogstad she wrote a terribly mean letter. Christine explains that “I have learned to act prudently. Life, and hard bitter necessity have taught me that “. Christine is now a widow and her mother is dead and all her brothers are grown up, she has nobody to live for anymore. Christine tells Nora about how she has a job and now that she is a widow all she does is work. Christine also explains to Nora how she has not even a bit of grief from her husband’s passing. Christine is now depressed, she has no one to care for “I only feel my life unspeakably empty. No one to live for anymore”. Lying to Krogstad about not loving him so she could marry someone with more money was the only thing she could do at that time but in the end she has no one to love. Furthermore, Christine is a single independent woman who makes her own money and takes care of herself. When Nora and Christine get together all that Nora talks about is how great her life is and how Torvald got a promotion. Christine acts nicely but Nora then realizes Christine just lost her husband and must work so she can have a house and food. Ms.Linde’s need of money had to put her into a situation where it was money over love. “You must not forget that I had a helpless mother and two little brothers. We couldn’t wait for you Nils”. Christine is in love again,she is going to get married and start a family with Krogstad. Ms.Linde was sitting in Helmer’s house waiting for Nora, then Krogstad soon appears and this is where she explains to him that she loved him but he didn’t have enough money for her family. Ms .Linde can finally do what she always wanted in life. “When you’ve sold yourself once for the sake of others, you don’t do it a second time”. Now

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