Character Comparison : Holden And Holden Essay

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Character Comparison -
As a person just like Holden who has such mental illnesses as depression some of the things that Holden says hit close to home. I relate with Holden on how a lot of things, like how he just says that certain things make him depressed and he doesn’t really know why. I don’t know if Holden or I would get a along considering that I get the vibe that he does not really like a lot of people for long. I won’t ever know if Holden would like me though, because he is just a fictional character.
Holden seems like an okay guy to me, he just changes his mood quite quickly in some situations. An example of Holden’s mood changing fast is when he was with Sally after skating and he all the sudden wanted to leave with her and after she rejected him he told her that she was a pain in the butt. Holden could also be seen as a bad guy considering he’s been kicked out of multiple schools. Some people may not like Holden but to me he doesn’t seem so bad. 2. Theme -
A theme that I noticed The Catcher In The Rye was growing up or immaturity. In multiple chapters in the book people mentioned how immature Holden was or how he needed to grow up. An example of this was when Holden was in the bar with Luce. Holden kept asking Luce about the girl he was seeing and kept asking inappropriate questions that only an immature teenager would ask.
As a teenager growing up in a world where sex sells it’s easy to be immature at times. Especially in high school kids can be…

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