Essay on Character Between Sonny's Blues vs a Rose for Emily

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PT202 Advanced Darkroom Tuesdays Spring 2013

Moving Beyond Traditional Printing

For this assignment you are to consider the five printing and one shooting methods outlined below. You will find that each of these techniques will produce interesting results. Start with a method that interests you and continue on from there.

1) Combination Printing: Using two enlargers- 1 Set up enlargers and easels using negatives of your choice. 2 Place a sheet of white paper in the easel of Image 1. Trace a simple outline of the portion of Image 1 that you want to combine with Image 2. Put this tracing into the easel of Image 2 and adjust the easel so that the portion of Image 1 falls where you desire into image 2. 3
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5) Negative Print 1 Choose a good negative with normal to high contrast. 2 Print and process normally except print negative upside down (emulsion up, right reading down). 3 Soak print in water if dry or use directly after final wash. 4 Take wet print, squeegee it then take a 2nd sheet of unexposed photo paper and press emulsion of first (wet) print to the emulsion of the unexposed photo paper. Set them in a tray under enlarger with an empty negative carrier in it. Place them with the unexposed sheet on the bottom and the exposed print on the top. 5 Open the aperture all the way. 6 Do an exposure test. 7 Peel apart and process the 2nd print normally. 8 Choose the best exposure and repeat the process with the chosen exposure time.

6) Proof Sheet as image 1 Use a roll of 36 exposure 2 Choose landscape or environment. You will be using all the shots of the roll to piece together the scene. Align each shot as best as possible but some gaps and overlaps are natural and part of the effect. 3 Meter carefully, a gray card is recommended. 4 Shoot the entire roll without changing the setting. 5 Begin shooting in the top left area of your scene and move across the scene horizontally to the right until you complete 5 frames. 6 Move the camera down vertical and to the left about one frame below the

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