Character Archetypes In Pygmalion

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An archetype is a character, symbol or behavioral pattern that is basically a universal template for a character that is copied throughout all forms of storytelling. Some archetypes may even transcend cultural differences in stories. Because an archetype speaks to the basic human experience, it communicates meaning and emotion in all forms of literature
Picture Rapunzel trapped in her tower, and you'll see one of the most classic and timeless forms of a character archetype: the damsel in distress. This archetype shows up in almost every adventure or love story, and you're almost 100% guaranteed to see her paired with the hero or another character archetype. Character archetypes are varied and include protagonists, antagonists and the people
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Higgins. As well as the lower class which includes Eliza and Alfred Doolittle. It is important to know that these classes are dependent on one another throughout. When analyzing with a Marxist perspective, it is very clear that the society is separated by the Upper Class and the lower class, but the main factor that can help one climb the social latter is Education. Shaw provides much reasonable evidence as to why one might see the separation between the classes and why it is so that they are …show more content…
When Eliza first arrived to the gathering, she did not utter one word, but once everyone laid eyes on her she made a grand entrance. Her looks attracted everyone, and when she was speaking such “small talk” everyone seemed to be just laughing, and just thought of it as being the new-fashioned way of talking. “The new small talk, you do it so well. ” (Eynsford-Hill) If the same people were to see Eliza dressed in regular fashioned clothes and hear her speak the same way she did as before, the same people will ignore her or treat her with little respect. This again shows how the two classes are judging upon one another. Shaw once again mocks the system by moving Eliza up to the upper class, when she is not such of them, she is almost to be considered a “Fraud” The people of the Upper Class believed that she was part of the upper class just because of the way she presented herself. Today still, the division between the classes are still evident. The people are still being taught to try and go through the process to become of the wealthy class, when sometimes that might not always be the chosen lifestyle, but that seems to be the only way if one wants to be “successful” For example, Alfred-

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