Character Analysis Essay

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Reyes 1
Melissa C. Reyes
Professor Marilyn S. Turner
English M102
13 February 2016
Character Analysis “Saving Sourdi” by Nay-Lee Chai is a story of sisterhood from childhood to adulthood. The two main characters in the story are Nea, the younger sister and Sourdi, the older sister. The story is narrated by Nea and what she discusses is her difficulty growing up. Chai’s character is very relatable as we all have may have had some moments in our life when our parent’s have said something along the lines of what the girls’ mother says to Nea, “You not thinking. That your problem. You always not think!” (82). She also indirectly discusses the contrast between herself and Sourdi and how her aggressive thoughts and actions influence her
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I shoulda killed that sucker!” (83), Nea does realize her sister is right about the possibility of foster care but she “pretended that I was a good girl and that I would always obey her. What I didn’t tell Sourdi was that I was still a wicked girl. I was glad I’d stabbed that man. I was crying only because life was so unfair” (84). Nea always thought that her and her sister would run away together. She thought that their experience working in restaurants would help them get jobs and they would travel the world. The reader really sees how difficult it is for Nea to realize her sister is growing up and what may be important or dumb to Nea is important to Sourdi. For example, the introduction of Duke in the story. While they were in the fields, they heard gunshots, which frightened Sourdi. Both Duke and Nea ran to her rescue and while Nea is trying to push Duke’s arm away, Nea is surprised that her sister put both her arms around Duke’s neck. It is in this moment and the next we see Nea’s difficulty with accepting her sister is growing up. On page 86, Nea says she felt like the one who should have been “running, screaming, for the road and that moment where Duke and her sister were holding hands and she was the one sitting in the middle. She dreaded it. Reyes 3
The reader can continue to see Nea’s aggressiveness as Mr.

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