Character Analysis: Work, Work By Rihanna

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I chose to create a playlist for Gregor. I chose Gregor because we know the most about him and he is the only character that we know the thoughts of. I think Gregor would listen to country and pop music. He seems like a typical adult except for the fact that he has to pay off his parents’ debt. I think he would listen to music that he can relate to personally. The lyrics would have to reflect what he is feeling. The lyrics to the songs I chose are mainly about work since it is a major theme of this story. The song “ Work” by Rihanna is about work. The singer claims that, “ So me put in / Work, work, work, work, work, work” (Rihanna). The quote is saying that she works a lot and she works hard. This quote is important because Gregor works hard to support his family and he is always thinking about his job . He is proud that he makes enough money that his family could have a nice lifestyle. However, Gregor is not happy and sacrifices his own life so that they can be happy. His job …show more content…
According to the singer, “They just use your mind and they never give you credit “ (Parton). The quote is saying that people don’t value workers and they never receive recognition for what they do. This quote demonstrates how Gregor is being used by his family. Before he turned into a bug, he was the only person in his family who worked. The family was able to live a relatively comfortable life. They had a maid, a cook, and didn’t have to work. His family never outwardly shows their appreciation for Gregor. However, after he is turned into a bug, his family begins to show resentment towards him. They treat him like he is just a burden. They talk about getting rid of him after he couldn’t work and support them financially. This leads me to think that Gregor’s family didn’t really appreciate everything he did for them. They didn’t know what it’s like to be him until they had to find jobs and work

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