Character Analysis : Who Would Have Thought It? By Maria Amparo Ruiz De Burton

1950 Words Oct 3rd, 2016 8 Pages
Throughout the novel “Who Would Have Thought It?” by María Amparo Ruiz de Burton, the variety of female characters perform a substantial amount of action in the core plots of the novel. Each female character serves to play a different role with their own motivations. For example, Lola serves as an example of a wealthy outsider that is being taken advantage of by the Northeasterners. On the other side, Ms. Norval is a hypocritical, critical character who cares mostly about money and image. Many of the female characters serve main roles and act within the domestic sphere, however, there are other times that these characters transcend their domestic boundaries. For example, Lavinia Sprig is often seen in terms outside of the house, impacting the course of the novel outside of typical domestic boundaries. In Ruiz de Burton’s novel, Lavvy transcends the boundaries of the domestic sphere in her mental state as she kills her pet birds, her job as a nurse and her search to find Isaac by working with the government. One of the first times that Lavvy is seen in the novel is her relationship with her pet birds, specifically in a scene when she kills them all to save them from their later pain. Lavvy’s reactions and relationship with the birds show her mental state within the domestic sphere, as she is restrained from her full potential. In this case, Lavvy is faced with the troubles of staying at home all of the time. Lavvy’s mental health is unstable in these earlier chapters, as…

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