Essay about Character Analysis : The Prioress

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Character Analysis: The Prioress
The General Prologue of Geoffrey Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales is composed of descriptions of each of the travelers that were on the pilgrimage. They are all traveling in early spring to Canterbury. The Prioress, Madame Eglantine is one of the few women on the pilgrimage. The General Prologue gives a very well written description of what she valued, the way she functioned in society and gives a good incite on what it would be like to be on the pilgrimage with her.
The description begins with a description of how she carries herself. Chaucer says that she spoke French fluently. She could speak it very well but she did not speak it as the common people of Paris would, she spoke it like she was taught it just like the people of the court. Chaucer even describes that she has perfect manners. He even goes into detail explaining that she would “never let morsels from her lips fall” (Puchner 1855). She did a lot of things that most people of the court would try to do. It was as if she worked very hard to seem as if she was born in a high rank like the people who grew up in the castle. This was strange considering that most Nuns are known to live a very meek and humble life. Even though it was weird for her to act so highly, Chaucer described her as “pleasant and worthy of reverence” (Puchner 1855) It didn’t seems as though Chaucer was trying to portray her as someone who wanted to be better than anyone, it just seemed as if she held herself to…

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