Character Analysis : The Odyssey From A Boy Essays

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The character of Telemachus developed during the story The Odyssey from a boy like character to that of a warrior fighting beside his father. Telemachus is the only young character in the Odyssey, and so he is also the only character whose personality traits change as the story moves along. The other characters are all mature in age if not in actions and Telemachus goes from being intimidated by the suitors to helping his father kill them. He goes from being helpless to what is going on around him to starting to assert himself with his mother and the suitors and learns by example what hospitality is and how important it is to the Greek people. The character of Telemachus develops in his relationship with his mother, the suitors, and learning about hospitality. First, Telemachus relationship with his mother changes as in the first of the story his mother is running the household until he becomes of age. He seems to love his mother, but he is also worried about the suitors taking what his inheritance. They have cross words when Penelope scolds Phemius for singing about the Trojan War. Telemachus tells his mother to mind her own business and to return to another part of their home if she does not like the singing. Penelope does not understand her son’s need to hear about his father and learn about him, and Telemachus is too immature to understand love and his mother’s grief. Telemachus declares that he is master of the house for the first time. They are both…

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