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The Average Rapper

Some people may recognize the Brooklyn rapper appearance on Mr. Robot a show that premiers on USA network and his current single “Devastated” a couple month ago. Joey Badass is not a well-known artist prior to his appearance on this show which enables him to grasp a wider audience and enabling him to produce a song that’s others saw as mainstream music called “Devastated”. Nonetheless, Joey Badass deserves recognition for his work because he is a revolutionary artist who uses his voice to speak about real issues he faced or others undergoing similar circumstances living in Brooklyn, New York. His mindset is different from current rappers of his day because he’s able to convey controversial issues to impactful song in an
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The young Brooklyn rapper’s effort is not rewarded with prolonged existence in the rap world. His single, “Devastated,” highlights Pro Era leader’s career; some say that his song displays mainstream tune to captivate the mainstream audience. Firstly, the song faced resistance, which clearly indicated an instance of fans not wanting their favorite rapper to evolve. Secondly, the rejection from diehard supporters shows that his single succeeded. “Devastated” represents a shift from Badass’ usual approach and works from hardcore New York rap to a catchy lyric. The song demonstrates self-awareness that creates prospects of future success for the rapper in widen his audience. His music in general, shows that he is a thought provoking lyricist with flows from the 90s. In addition, the single helped expand his fan base and create awareness to the world that he has more surprises to offer. This decision was strategic and rightly genius because he knows how to play the hip-hop monopoly system and use it to his advantage. Badass realized that even though he was better than many other artists before him, he faced a risk of becoming repetitive and dull. In effect, the rapper released the single to smirk at both critics and fans. For instance, a line in his song states, “Oh, you thought that was all I could do? Watch this” (Badass). The rapper expresses that he’s well …show more content…
Further, the young rapper thinks of doing directing and producing in the future (Khal). Badass trusts that this dream will come to be reality soon. He is excited about his career path. Markedly, Mr. Robot is a perfect platform for a start. The series is going to unlock many opportunities in other fields for Badass’ career (Khal).
Last but not least, Badass song exemplifies an artist whose lyrics challenge deeper intellectual meanings. Analyzing Badass’ lyrics may pose opposition because there are many literal interpretations. One of Badass’ works that extensively portrays his lyrical ability is “95 Til Infinity”. He uses different form of literary device to grasp the audience attention indescribable ways. Every stanza/verse uses a poetic device different from the previous verse. To introduce the song he uses couplet as a hook to others awareness. Badass start like this:
“And we smoking, toking potent

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