Film Review: Water By The Spoonful

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I really enjoyed Water By the Spoonful. It was easy to become lost in the show and I ended up becoming very attached to the characters. Although there were some scenes where you could tell the actors spoke a line ahead, overall they did a great job. The performance by the actress playing Haikumom/Odessa brought tears to my eyes. Additionally, the production did a really good job of working with the few set pieces they had. The use of lighting for the chats was cool and made it easy to follow along and understand. I was confused by the two different storylines set up in the beginning. It makes sense to hold off and reveal that Haikumom was Elliot’s birth mother until later to make it more dramatic but it made the shifts between different scenes …show more content…
Morally, he puts his aunt’s funeral over his mother’s well being. They take her computer and sell it because she can not give money to put toward the funeral and thus his birth mother loses connection to her entire support system. He has a lot of anger towards his mother for the death of his sister and how she cared for them. Chutes & Ladders is a black man around middle age. He works for the IRS and is shunned from his family. After he was sober for years, he tried to reconnect with his son but his son pretended he didn’t know his father when Chutes & Ladders came to his door. Chutes & Ladders is not welcoming to Fountainhead. He doesn’t trust him and makes it obvious that he doesn’t want Fountainhead in their group. He is much more open and kind to Orangatang. He tries to give her advice that will be the best for her even if it’s not what she wants to hear. Like when she wanted to find her birth parents he tried to caution her. He is resistant to Orangutang's pleas to meet in person until the end. Orangutan is a young Japanese American. She was adopted but wants to travel and find her birth parents. She takes jobs where she can find them in Japan, such as, building a new river. She likes fun socks and goes out to bars while in

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