Character Analysis Of Trifles

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Many women each year are abused either physically or mentally by their spouse who they have promised to spend eternity with. Many of those women also snap because the absue becomes too much and sometimes enough is just enough. In the drama of Trifles we enter in onto a scene of a disturbed woman who is greeted by the sheriff. No movement in the house, no sound, just her sitting in her rocking chair and I imagine looking the part of a woman who has gone mad. The house is a mess, there 's no smells of a hot meal and her husband seems to have vanished. When asked where her husband is she simply says, "He 's dead." The sheriff goes upstairs to check and finds out that she is telling the truth.
But what could drive someone to kill the person they
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Wright was wrong for killing her husband. I think she was at the end of a really dark road and just wanted to be free. After years of living in isolation she couldn 't take it anymore and figured he would be better off dead and she would be happy again but this wasn 't the case. Instead he was dead and she was still unhappy. No friends, or family. No way to disappear. No one to care or fret over her. She had lost her beauty and herself in the marriage and now was really alone. Yet she would no longer have to hear his cold voice, or sinical comments, or engage in shrewed conversation. She no longer would be haunted by his grumpiness and could probably bring life back into the house and restore it back to it 's …show more content…
A woman 's place is in the house to tend to her family. No matter how society changes a woman 's role doesn 't. The cooking, and sewing, and cleaning, and and and becomes stressful and somewhat of a headache. When your alone, its becomes resentment. He loves me, he loves me not, he loves me, he loves me not is the never ending game that she played. The wanting and yearning for affection, and the need for a vibrant life. The gun, that had been kept in the bedrooom, could never bring the amount of pain that she felt. A rope showed to be more intimate, more passioniate to the crime. It was a personal vendetta against her demon who had swallowed her soul. She was no longer the beautiful, delicate gem that he had once married, but a lost soul stuck in purgatory who had found her way

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