Essay about Character Analysis Of Ping And Mulan By Carole Wilkinson

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Throughout Dragonkeeper, Ping experiences several developments that shape her as a character and give meaning to the novel. Additionally, Mulan has also experienced such developments. Furthermore, these texts represent significant developments in the characters through the utilisation of various techniques and as a result, these developments subsequently shape and highlight the themes and meanings of the text. Overall, texts use a variation of techniques to represent significant developments in characters. These developments subsequently highlight the meaning of the texts. Throughout the two texts, Dragonkeeper (2003) by Carole Wilkinson and Mulan (1998) by Disney, both Ping and Mulan experience significant developments that alter them from timid and dependant girls into strong and independent young women. Moreover, they also develop a greater sense of self and self respect which highlight the themes of journeys and overcoming social expectations.

In Dragonkeeper, Ping was a slave to Master Lan. He made her obey everything he said and treated her awful. Ping was coerced by Danzi the dragon to travel with him to the ocean. This required Ping to be more brave than she currently was. By obeying Master Lan she was not being brave but if she ran away with Danzi she showed her bravery. Even when Master Lan shouted for her to return she remained determined to leave and disobeyed him. "She saw Master Lan outside his house looking up and shaking his fists at her" (Page 49). Master…

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