Character Analysis Of Liesel's The Grave Diggers

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Liesel is a nine year old girl that is torn after losing her brother on a train. Her brother died shortly after coughing. While she dug her brother with the help of her mother she finds her first book, The Grave Diggers Handbook. They were on the way to meet their new foster parents. When they arrived Liesel was quite scared until she realized how kind Hans Hubbermann was towards her. He taught her how to roll cigarettes and that 's were their strong relationship started. Rosa, her foster mom was the same way except she had a different way of showing her love. She would call her "Saumensch" meaning: to plane humiliate a female. Every night for the first few months was nightmares of her brother. Hans would always be there to comfort her through …show more content…
It hurts seeing both Liesel and Rosa watch him leave and the readers can see now how much Rosa actually loves her husband. Himmel Street was receiving bomb threats and the Germans had to go and look at everyone 's basement to check which one was the biggest and safest one for everyone. That 's when the Hubbermanns got really worried and didn 't know what to do with max. He was not found thankfully after the search. Max however, decided it was best for him to leave. It took a lot of convincing but he had too. Max genuinely did care about Liesel and she had begged him to stay. Soon after Hans was sent back home due to an injury in a car accident. The bombing occurred a night were everyone was sound asleep. Everyone was killed...Except Liesel who was writing her book downstairs in the basement. The journal was given by Ilsa, as she saw how great she wrote after she gave her an apology letter for stealing books from her. When she goes up the next morning and finds everyone dead, she’s in shock. She didn’t even realize the bombing had occurred. When she goes to find Rudy… He’s dead as well, that’s when she regrets not ever kissing him. She looks at him as she lays there and kisses

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