Hamlet Character Analysis Laertes

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To start it off, Laertes is a character that comes out in the play Hamlet by William Shakespeare. Also, he is a very young man that is super protective with his sister named Ophelia, and seems to have much care for his family. For example, “convey is assistant, do not sleep, but let me hear from you”, he demonstrates how much care he has for his sister, and doesn’t want nothing harsh to happen to her. That is why he is a very sincere type of person that focuses primarily on his family then within himself. Even though he spends the majority of time in college, he only comes when important things are occurring in Denmark. He has a father named Polonius that gives him important advice, when he is leaving to college in France, which is “this above …show more content…
This shows that his type of character trait is a very conceiving conception, due to the fact how his only satisfaction is his love for his family. His type of tone throughout the play is more likely demonstrated as emotional, angriness, and aggressive.
The way Laertes is enacted in the play is how he starts off by showing to the coronation of King Claudius, and demonstrating his type of character. Furthermore, when he states “from whence though willingly I came to Denmark to show my duty in your coronation”, he signifies a major part in the play because he is indicating his role in the play by showing his character trait and staging a stage picture. Nevertheless, he introduces himself as a respectful person, due to the fact how he resembles a great honor with the new king of Denmark. Additionally, after he leaves the coronation, he goes to his father’s house and starts telling her sister Ophelia advice. In the meantime, when he states “his greatness weighed, his will is not his own”, he is revealing his personality, and the way he signifies in this is how he develops a more conflicting scene, due to the way he portrays all his advisement to her sister. Not just that, but his character traits
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As that said, Hamlet wants to avenge King Claudius because of how he murdered Hamlet’s father, while in the other hand Laertes wants to avenge Hamlet for killing his father Polonius. Not just that, but Laertes states “let come what comes, only I”ll be revenged most thoroughly for my father”, which means that he would do anything to kill the murder of his father, and his intentions demonstrate that he has a goal he needs to accomplish, in order to fulfill his settlement with his father 's death. In this case, so does Hamlet because he states “as meditation or the thoughts of love may sweep to my revenge”, which means that he wants to get revenge on the murder of his father, and even though he has thoughts of love, he would do anything to seek his father 's death. This means that both Laertes and Hamlet want to seek revenge on their father’s death and get involved with this type of conflict. Moreover, both have much love for Ophelia, which means that Laertes has sister love for her, and Hamlet has love for her as a relationship. When Laertes says “fear it, Ophelia; fear it, my dear sister, and keep you in the rear of your affection” it means that he is trying to show his love to her by telling her advice that Hamlet is just using her and doesn’t love her. Also, he is trying to protect her sister from all the harmful things, which signifies how much love he has for

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